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TAXwise offers a full range of tax and legal wealth planning services to French and international clients.

TAXwise implements the objectives of its clients by providing inventive solutions through the organization of family companies, life insurance, foundations, property stripping...

Means for wealth preservation and optimization

TAXwise offers integrated services providing long-term thinking and short-term responsiveness in multi-jurisdictional tax and legal planning.

Typical services rendered include:

  • Questions of tax residence or domicile, conventional optimization mechanisms, tax aspects related to departure from or return to France (exit tax, income tax, social security contributions, ...);
  • Advice (including due diligence) for family offices or private or executive clients, with a view to applying the latest legal and tax techniques;
  • Planning the acquisition or disposal of real estate assets, organization of the holding of real estate assets, aspects related to the taxation of real estate capital gains, ...;
  • Assistance and tax planning in matters of wealth tax and 3% tax;
  • Assistance in the context of tax audits and tax disputes.

Gift and Estate Strategies

TAXwise focus on delivering high expertise services in the estate and gift laws, whether tax or legal in a domestic or cross-border context, while preserving the ultimate family objectives of the client.
At every stage of the preparation/ administration of an estate, our attorneys are attuned to available planning opportunities to foster our clients’ interests. TAXwise successfully represented clients in various types of estate litigation and complex tax and legal audits and/or court proceedings.

Typical services rendered include:

  • Wealth transfer, strategies aimed at reducing taxes on inheritance, gift, income and capital gains;
  • Settlement of estates in a cross-border context in coordination with foreign counsels;
  • Conflicts of law - French inheritance law;
  • Enforcement of foreign trusts and wills in France;
  • Preparation and drafting of French wills, assistance in disputes relating to wills and trusts.

International mobility

  • Tax regimes related to expatriation / impatriation;
  • Organisation of international remuneration (split-payrolls...);
  • Executive compensation & benefits plans, stock options/free shares, pension plans in an international context.

Monegasque law

We developed an extensive expertise in Monegasque legal and tax matters.

Typical services rendered include:

  • Tax residence or domicile issues, tax treaties optimization mechanisms, …;
  • Advice (including due diligence) for family offices and companies operating from Monaco;
  • Real estate acquisition or disposal planning, control retained ownership transmission, shareholding and capital gain sharing organization, registration duties;
  • Taxation in the Franco-Monegasque context (application of tax treaties, specific exemptions linked to residence in Monaco with regard to income from French sources or wealth, …).

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